iPAD 安裝指南

iOS 系統安裝指南

iOS system installation guide


步骤1: 使用扫描二维码工具“扫一扫”功能

Step1: Open the QR code scanning app and scan the QR code over the monitor.

步骤2: 请选择在Safari浏览器内打开页面

Step2: Tap "Open in Safari".

步骤3: 请点击“安装”

Step1: Tap "Install".

步骤4: 等待安装

Step4: Wait for the app to install.

步骤5: 安装成功后点击图标

Step5: When the app finishes installing tap the icon.

步骤6: 首次开启应用程式将会弹出询问视窗,请点击取消按钮

Step6: A message will appear when attempting to open an App that was not downloaded from App Store.

步骤7: 请点击主界面设置图标进入设置界面

Step7: Open your iPhone Settings by tapping the icon.

步骤8: 请在设置界面中点击通用按钮

Step8: Tap General.

步骤9: 请在通用界面中点击描述文件按钮

Step9: Tap Profiles.

步骤10: 请在描述文件界面中点击“Blue Pearl Int'l.Technologies,lnc"按钮

Step10: Tap "Blue Pearl Int'l. Technologies, Inc" in the profile list.

步骤11: 點擊信任“Blue Pearl Int'l.Technologies,lnc"按鈕

Step11: Tap Trust "Blue Pearl Int'l. Technologies, Inc".

步骤12: 请点击信任按钮

Step12: Tap the "Trust" button.

步骤13: 点击图标,进入游戏

Step13: Tap the icon to launch the app.